Monday 31 March 2014

BolingTravelBlog Sunday

On Sunday we drove up to Snoquamish falls (where the opening sequence of Twin Peaks was filmed) and enjoyed the scenery and a very good meal. We drove round Microsoft's Redmond campus - It's enormous. When we got back to Seattle we bought souvenirs in the Freemont market and a chocolate factory.

In the evening I had my second date with the harpist and I fulfilled my objective of eating a crab. I'd like to tell you how far I got with her, but I don't understand the American first-base, second-base system and this diagram doesn't really help. I think I've ended up with my first (and probably the world's first) "pen-pal-I'd-like-to..."

Fuck me! that pocket knife was expensive to replace.

Richard "My - well that is gratifying" B

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