Sunday 30 March 2014

BolingTravelBlog Saturday

On Saturday we had lunch at the Renaisance Cafe in Tacoma. According to xkcd I should tell you that the service was quick and efficient and the food was excellent. We then visited the American Car Museum, it was fascinating and the buiding was as impressive as the collection, sadly we had to hurry and suffered a kind of car-snow-blindness.

For some years I have carried a very small pocket knife, the blade of which was made, hardened, tempered and ground at home. I had to throw it away to get into a football (soccer) match on Saturday night. Part of the experience was completely alien: There were pyrotechnics and instant replays when a goal was scored, the singing and chanting was clean and professionally lead, and the flag waving was so incessant that I missed a lot of the action. Part of the experience was monotonously familiar, we stood in the rain for nearly two hours and for most of that time we were watching the home team with 10 men desperately holding for a draw shouting for the referee to blow the fucking whistle.

The best innovation in American soccer is the use of shaving foam to mark a temporary spot and 10 yard line during a free kick.

Richard "austenite phase" B

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