Tuesday 18 March 2014


At the end of the week a couple of my friends and I are going to Seattle to visit an old school friend. It's important to have goals in life, and our goals for the holiday are:

  • To spend time with our ex-pat friend.
  • To look either up at or down from the Space Needle.
  • To visit the Boeing factory.
  • To eat a lobster.
  • To smoke some legally-bought medicinal weed.
  • To drink some of the local beer.
  • To visit Canada.
  • To try to understand what the hell our friend does for a living.

Richard "Mission Impossible" B


  1. You are missing a few:
    Drink coffee at Starbucks
    Listen to Grunge
    Answer the question "where are you from, I love your accent?" with a suitable incorrect answer

  2. We're from the 1890's on a reverse historical fieldtrip.

  3. I'm from Tacoma, where are you from?

  4. Eyez frm Brizzle Inneye?

  5. Plymouth, the real one, not the pretend one on the East Coast

  6. It turns out that the place to eat lobsters is the east-coast. I'm changing that objective to eating a dungeness crab or a snow crab.