Wednesday 4 January 2012

Phone Number

Redacted date my band played a private party. I was distracted by a very beautiful woman dancing near the stage, I'd never seen her before, but she seemed to know my friend Redacted. During our break I asked my friend who she was, and if I could be introduced to her. Redacted didn't introduce us because she was married.

I can only assume that Redacted told the woman that I'd asked about her because she spent most of the second half of the show dancing right at the front and frequently smiling at me. The girl singer in the band, who knows exactly how precarious is my ability to play some of the more complex pieces, and how easily distracted I am by the fairer sex, seemingly doesn't know how to put my at my ease. At the beginning of one of the more difficult songs, when the beautiful woman winked at me, she bellowed "F*cking Concentrate!" into my ear.

After the show I ended up talking to and flirting with the woman. I noticed that she wasn't wearing a ring, and I asked her outright whether she had a husband or a boyfriend. She didn't, so I asked if I could take her out, she acceded, and gave me her phone number.

How the rest of the story was revealed to me will remain between me, my conscience, and my bandmates but:

  1. She WAS married
  2. She was apparently "flustered" and gave me the HUSBAND's phone number.
Richard "Cuckolding" B


  1. So what you're saying is, a gorgeous, rather forward and unaccountably single young woman turned out to be crazy? Sounds a bit far-fetched.

  2. Intrigued from Crownhill

    Yet another example of why you should be followed by a television crew wherever you go. Never mind made in Chelsea or TOWIE, this is Bogs in Plymouth (not in Darking)