Tuesday 4 March 2014


  • Yes. I know it makes me look like (even more of) a weirdo.
  • Yes. I realise that it hasn't been fashionable to have a heavy keychain hanging out of your pockets since the 90's
  • No. I'm not one of those "steampunks"
My favourite watch had to go to the menders and when I got home I found that my spare watch had a flat battery. The watch that my grandfather was given when he retired also had a flat battery and I have been reduced to telling the time with a 130 year old pocket watch and to lugging around a few ounces of silver chain.

Richard "Victorian Stationmaster" B


  1. Do you not have one of those new fangled portable cellular telephones?

  2. I have got a mobile phone, but it doesn't tell you the time until you unlock the screen.

  3. Drill a hole through it, and wear it on a chain. That would be a good combination of new & old technology