Wednesday 2 April 2014

BolingTravelBlog Monday/Tuesday

This is the end of my holiday and I have done well with my objectives:

  • To spend time with our ex-pat friend - yes, along with plenty of eating, drinking and sightseeing.
  • To look either up at or down from the Space Needle - done both.
  • To visit the Boeing factory - done.
  • To eat a crab - done, although it was dressed and served in a fusion restaurant.
  • To smoke some legally-bought medicinal weed - overdone.
  • To drink some of the local beer - done, I like what they call IPA in Washington.
  • To visit Canada - done on a daytrip.
  • To understand what the hell our friend does for a living - done...ish.
  • To drink coffee at Starbucks - done. It was expensive, bewildering, and time consuming. We also saw the original Starbucks shop.
  • To answer the question "where are you from? I love your accent." - done, many times, mostly facetiously.
  • To listen to grunge - done, in a museum.
  • To get home safely - done.
This blog will now go back to weekly updates about my life.

Richard "mission accomplished" B

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