Friday 28 March 2014

BolingTravelBlog Thursday

My Thursday in Seattle was as unlikely as winning a unicorn on the lottery. I did a walking tour of professional audio supply companies and made a date with a pretty American woman. All I know about her at this stage is that she plays the harp works in a music shop.

On Thursday night we ate at a Mexican restaurant and drank mediocre cocktails at a bar that sent my pretentiousness-o-meter off the scale. We went to a famous music venue - The Crocodile - and heard our friend's friend's band Knast. They were good, they sounded to me like they wanted to have been The Stone Roses but they didn't have a John Squire. Knast supported The Strypes, a hotly tipped bunch of Irish children. They were very good, but I wasn't blown away.

Richard "I think it's hot the way she loooks left a lot" B

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