Tuesday 25 March 2014

BolingTravelBlog Monday

Today I are mostly been eating at a diner, looking down from the Space Needow, wearing a space needle hat in a souvenir photo, visiting the EMP museum - where the guitar gallery was closed - and playing Bocce-Ball at the bavarian bar.

Chunky Ginger managed to insult the friend of a stranger in a bookshop. I was buying a map, and in the local section there were two very unappealing guidebooks: "Stairway Walks of Seattle" and "Extreme Hiking in Seattle". Chunky Ginger said "can we please not do 'Stairway Walks of Seattle'?" and a woman in the shop said "Hey my friend wrote that book!". We tried to apologise and explain that we only weren't interested because we weren't very fit. She didn't accept our apology and insisted that it was a popular book.

Richard "make sure it speaks bocce-ball" B

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