Thursday 11 September 2014


Twice in my life I have been outwitted by a rabbit. The first one belonged to a conjurer who was performing at a birthday party, the second one appeared to be a lost pet and I failed to capture it. This week, while I was out on a date, I was outwitted by a fountain.

I promised my girlfriend that when I came back to Seattle I would take her up the Space Needle. A couple of days ago we caught the bus down there to discover that the Space Needle and the EMP museum were closed for a massive corporate event. We decided to ride the monorail instead, but we couldn't get near it even after we sneaked through the security perimeter of the corporate event.

The Seattle Centre also has a fantastic fountain with bewilderingly complicated displays synchronised to music. On my first trip I tried to touch the fountain without getting wet and nearly succeeded. On our date there was a long gap in the fountain's program and my date easily walked down and touched it. I didn't dare for fear of getting drenched, and it started up in earnest as soon as she'd bettered me.

I wasn't able to give my date any Dicks and we caught the bus home unsatisfied and hungry. I cooked a perfectly nice meal but there wasn't anything in the house for dessert so we still had to go out to a restaurant.

TLDR: Date fell severely short of what I had promised, she played "touch the fountain" by herself.

Richard "Lyle Lanley" B

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