Tuesday 4 August 2015

Summer Holidays

file under: Childish wordplay

It's decades since I've been in full time education and I don't have children. All that the six weeks between late July and early September mean to me is the time when my teacher friends make social calls and go on holidays. As such we're now calling it "teacher-season".

One of the things I did this weekend was to trim a bush. When I was a teenager my mum kept a big muscular tomcat called Willy and she planted a bay seedling next to his grave after he died. The Willy-cat-memorial-bay-tree is now over eight feet tall and trained into a globe shape.

Whatever smutty jokes you're busy making (willy pussy-cat bush etc), they're probably not as good as the ones that the woman whom I used to carshare with was subjected to. She got a letter from Plymouth City Council telling her that it was time to trim her bush! Apparently it was overgrown and extended so far past her "boundary" that it interfered with sight-lines at the junction, and as such constituted a danger to road-users.

Richard "she got rid of the whole thing" B

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