Tuesday 25 August 2015

What's the capital of Peru?

file under: Embarrassing social situations

Last week I did a pub quiz with my niece. There were loads of questions that we couldn't answer but two that seemed particularly difficult.

We didn't recognise the road sign for "Migratory Toad Crossing". Moreover I didn't know that there was a road sign for Migratory Toad Crossing, and it wasn't shown in my 1994 highway code when I got home.

More confusing was the question "What is the opposite of Stockholm Syndrome?" We both knew that Stockholm Syndrome is where you get kidnapped and end up liking it. The opposite would seem to be "not liking getting kidnapped" and there isn't a specific word for that. "Being normal?" "Sanity?" "a healthy sense of fear?".

Stockholm Syndrome is where the captive develops an affection for their captor. Lima syndrome is where the captor develops an affection for the captive and treats them very well or releases them. It's got nothing to do with growing a long furry tail and living in Madagascar.

Richard "anti-Patty Hearst" B

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