Tuesday 29 April 2014

Pen Pilf

I'm still in touch with the girl from Seattle with whom I went out on a couple of dates. I'm using letters, emails and texts to um... Correspond? Converse? Flirt? Court? Pester?

When I wrote to her I mentioned in my letter a few albums that are dear to me. Her reply not only included a list of albums that she thought I might like to listen to, but a copy of her debut album with a personal dedication.

In the text message chit chat she - unlike I - has never said anything so stupid as "You should feel like a princess, each one of these texts costs 25p"

I emailed her on her birthday and her reply came back with the alacrity of a ping pong ball. It was long, heartfelt and touching, and the email footer is fantastic. It has a pair of quotes by Williams Blake and Shakespeare, both funny and poetic in their own right, both seemingly written about her.

It's not a competition, but she's clearly winning.

Richard “but she does write with a ball-point” B

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  1. Clearly you need a grown-up phone contract...............or get one of those new devices for communicating over the internet, I believe they are called computers