Tuesday 24 September 2013


On the local television station we have a very beautiful sports reporter, newsreader and presentress whom I adore. She’s dangerously close to being ginger but gets away with it spectacularly, and has a reputation as a drinker and a bit of a bike – even better.

The beautiful newsreader is a patron of a local cancer charity which organises a competition for local bands each year. I did manage to talk to her once when I was competing in the battle-of-the-bands. This year the charity asked me if I would provide sound and lights for their competition. I said I would do it for either fifty quid or the opportunity to take the newsreader out for a meal – for which I would pay.

My offer was put to the woman, and a few days later I got my answer. She wouldn’t go out with me even for charity.

Richard “what a bitch” B

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