Tuesday 10 September 2013

We Are the Mods

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when all music jars the soul is out of key. Much of the reality we experience is just a matter of perception, but until this weekend I didn’t realise that seemingly simple and definite facts could also be so variable.

I was at a scooter rally at an old country pub in the middle of nowhere (I haven’t got a Lambretta or a fish-tail parka, I was there helping the band). The girl’s toilet was accessible from the bar, but to get to the boys you had to leave the pub and walk down the side of the car park.

"I haven’t been in a pub with an outside toilet for a hell of a long time." I said to an interesting and exceptionally drunk mod who was p**sing next to me. "Ah! That’s a matter of perception" he said. I stared back blankly wondering if he was deranged/setting up a terrible joke/commenting on the passage of time/ or challenging me with some zen koan. "If you go through that door, you end up in the restaurant." He was right, whether the toilet was inside or outside really did depend on how you looked at it.

Richard "don’t talk to strange men in public toilets" B

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