Friday 4 January 2013


A few snippets of conversation that made me laugh over the Christmas break.

  • My mum, who has a low tolerance for alcohol being cautioned not to drink as much as yesterday: "But yesterday I had a full glass, this is only a third of a glass." "And how many of those have you had?" "This is my third."
  • Professor Farnsworth from Futurama talking to an idiot: "Just being in the same genus as you makes it embarrassing to call myself homo."
  • One of my nieces, disgusted by some of my medical history: "Ewww. OVERSHARE!"
  • My other niece, with a hangover: "The sausage heals me." "What?" "Sausage is Jesus.... Backwards."
  • Friendly shop assistant: "But if you haven't got a TV what do you point the sofa at?"
  • My sister (I think): "You've missed 2013, it's nearly half past eight."
Richard "Susej" B

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