Tuesday 22 January 2013

Shared House

Since last week's column about my clothes moths there has been quite a lot of chat to the effect that normal households haven't had moth problems since Victorian times. Moths are still a real problem, specially if you have wool carpets, but my house has had some much more old-school infestations: Rats in the ceilings, rats in the compost bin, and weevils.

I was delighted when I found out what was scurrying about in the ceilings late at night because trying to sleep in my house in those days was really frightening, and uncannily similar to the beginning of "The Exorcist". The Weevil infestation was handled very easily by throwing away all the flour, rice and pasta and washing out the cupboards. Unfortunately I had already served a vegetarian lasagne which probably wasn't strictly vegetarian, or sanitary.

Richard "infestation" B

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