Wednesday 26 October 2011

Round of Drinks

"Never ascribe to malice that which can be reasonably explained by incompetence." I went on a drinking expedition on Friday, and in the early evening a very nice, pretty, very drunk, and mildly crazed young woman latched on to my group of friends. There was great competition among the single men to spend time talking to her. She joined three of us who went to the rock venue to listen to a very loud metal band. At the venue she ordered a very elaborate round of drinks involving a small glass of spirit submerged in a larger glass of something else, and a bottle of strong beer for everyone. When the barman told her how much it would cost (nearly £20 for three people) she opened her purse and discovered that it was virtually empty. I paid for the drinks and she gave me the rest of her money (£1.04). I can't believe the nerve, skill, and timing it would have required to pull off that trick deliberately, but I also find it hard to believe that she would mistakenly order a millionaire's round when she didn't have enough money for a bag of chips. To answer your follow up questions: No nothing happened, she was very definite in her decision not to get the last bus home with me.

Poetic swearing
(stop reading now if you are offended by adult language). My band played on Saturday night, and uncharacteristically the rhythm guitarist made a glaring error. We made fun of him all through our cigarette break, and would probably have carried on until about 2015. He got rather tired of the subject and turned his knowledge of the Profanisaurus to devastating effect saying "Can we talk about something else now? I think we've wanked that one dry."

Richard "two nap weekend" B

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