Tuesday 18 October 2011

Memorial Quiz

Dear fellow GOSS employees,

Before he sadly passed away, Nic Fish had been looking forward to organizing a GOSS quiz. The GREAT team thought it would be a nice little tribute to him to have a quiz in his honour. Tom and I produced the questions, submit your entries to me and I'll send out the answers when someone has got them all right. Google is permitted - you'll use it anyway and so is conferring because you will anyway, perhaps you will want to enter as a team or department! No prizes, it's just for fun.

Q1: Name a Goss team member who shares a surname with the creator of a well-known programming language.

Q2: Which Note is out of key in this chord sequence?
Fm7 Ab Fm7 Bb Cm Bb Ab

Q3: Which singer shares initials with a part of the London transport system and a technology developed by Microsoft?

Q4: You cut a 2cm border off 3 sides of a square and you are left with
3/8 of the original square. How big was it to start with?

Q5: Calcium and Potassium are important nutrients, mix them up with tin to make something to eat.

Q6: How many times do you have to roll six dice before the odds of them all coming up 6 are evens?

Q7: A French city annoyed the poster shop by giving a piece of fruit to the 2nd planet. Which war followed?

Q8: Correct these sentences for grammar where necessary:
"Thank god he gave the appointment to my wife and I."
"None of us was ready."
"If I was in charge of the practise, then I would have rung."

Best of luck,

Richard B

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