Tuesday 18 October 2011

Fond Farewell

Nothing funny happened this weekend, and if it had I don't think I'd be writing about it. Last weekend something decidedly unfunny happened. One of my colleagues died. His name was Nic Fish, and, like most of the people in this industry he was a little bit of a weirdo. He was also a completely decent man, there was not a grain of malice or deceit in him. I can't pretend that I was a friend of his, but I saw him virtually every day and I've worked with him on and off for over a decade. He had a dicky ticker since the day he was born, and he took some pleasure in telling people that in his case you couldn't say "He's got his heart in the right place". He was very intelligent and had an incredible memory, particularly for films, tv, and music. I used sometimes to use him as a kind of interactive verbal equivalent to the Internet Movies Database. He was so constant and reliable that I find it almost impossible to accept that we now live in a world without Mr Fish in it, and I can only think that it's a worse place because of it. My deepest sympathies go to his family and those he left behind.

Richard B

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