Friday 9 September 2011

Welcome to Bolingblog

The fondest wish of my old friend (and inveterate douchebag) Haynes-Brown, was that I should be followed around by a BBC camera crew for a year, and then the funniest things that I had said or done could be broadcast. He still laughs about me giving a running commentary of the gifts that I opened at my 30th birthday party, ("Ah excellent, this is a ten inch flat bastard file made by CK in Germany. A printed cotton Ben Sherman shirt, short sleeves, and the yoke is cut on the bias, thank you very much....." ) and the time that I found a wallet and mobile phone and left messages for all the saved contacts trying to locate its owner. I couldn't see it myself, but apparently the messages were comedy genius.

In retrospect it sounds like he'd have liked not to have wasted all that time hanging around socialising with me, and would have preferred to just watch the highlights show.

Anyway I haven't got a BBC camera crew following me around, nor one from channel 4, nor a journalist, but the forth next best thing has happened. I'm publishing my blog. All the emails I have sent to the lottery syndicate, all the first date reports that I have written, the news letter articles, and the quizzes. They are all published right here on I will continue to add articles every week as I send emails to the lottery syndicate, and when anything funny or interesting happens to me.

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