Monday 26 September 2011


This weekend I went to Guidford to visit my friends there, and to help with some DIY. As I arrived I was issued with a pass and a small piece of cheese.
The jokes are that, according to my friends, I shouldn't be allowed out in public by myself, and that I have a habbit of planning what I'm going to eat several meals in advance. When I went to an all inclusive destination resort in Corfu, I found it liberating and relaxing that there was a huge notice board advertising what activities would be available at different times of the day. I completely switched off my brain for the whole holiday (with the help of the self-serve red wine dispenser) and just did what the notice board told me. [1]

Late on Saturday night, after ceremoneously listening to Nirvana's 20 old 'Nevermind' we noticed 2 large tour busses[2] struggling to make their way up my friend's road. We went out to see what was happening, and met some of the entourage of american rock band Wheatus[3]. Their support band and their crew were struggling to attach a horsebox to each bus's tow hitch. The crew said they were trailers full of gear, but they looked like horseboxes to me.

It didn't seem like a big deal to me, but my friend Redacted was deeply starstruck when one of Wheatus' support band's crew came into the house to wash his hands (after manhandling the dirty horsebox).

I asked the support band (who's name I have now forgotten) for a card or any merchandise with their name on it, they had none, and were too ashamed to go and tell their manageress that they weren't carrying any merchandise. Instead he gave me his pass for the venue, but it still didn't have his band's name on it.

Obviously I gave him a card for my crappy little covers band.

[Note 1]
I didn't participate in "Morning Stretch 9.00-10.00" which was a very gently form of yoga lead by a very beautiful and flexible young woman, but if I was up that early I'd go to the same poolside area for "Morning Letch"

[Note 2]
Neoplan Starliners with 11litre cummins engines.

[Note 3]
Yes you do remember them, they did "Teanage Dirtbag"

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