Tuesday 5 April 2011

Middle Names

Important literature news
There is a new date-report on the way, I might have finished typing it up by lunchtime, and I really feel it's going to be the best yet! Use the voting buttons (If I have managed to add them to this email) to request a copy. It's interesting to note that I am more excited about, and have spent longer on, the report than the date.

Middle names
As well of signing each lottery email with a pretend middle name, which I try to make funny or illuminating, I am sometimes assigned a joke middle name. When my band plays, if the audience seems to be indulgent, and we have played well then the female singer will introduce the band. Almost invariably we're assigned an embarrassing or insulting middle name based on something we've done. I have been Richard "Love Rat" B; Richard "cotton bud up the eurethra" B; Richard "peado" B amongst others. This week I was introduced to a reasonable sized audience of my colleagues, friends, and strangers as:

Richard "Milfhunter" B