Tuesday 12 April 2011

Date Report 8


  Academy of Training Certificate of Education
APRIL 2011         BASIC LEVEL

Subject Title:  Love and Relationships
Paper No/Title:  Passes and First Dates
Subject Code No: DATEREPORT8

Forty Five Minutes
Multiple Choice

Answer every question by marking the letter alongside the most appropriate answer.
Some questions have already been answered correctly to help you.

1) Man R approaches woman A in a bar and attempts to make a date by explaining that he doesn't have enough time to spend chatting, flirting and buying her drinks, but instead asks outright if she would ring him. Does this demonstrate:
  • A Charming Honesty
  • B Stupidity
  • C Drunkenness
  • D Therminic emmission
2) Woman A is sitting on a stool in a public bar wearning full makeup, a short and well fitted dress and heavily patterned fishnet tights. Man R steps completely out of character to approach her. Is he attracted by:
  • A Her legs
  • B Her implied personality and character
  • C Her legs
  • D Her legs
3) Man R supplies woman A with a card printed with contact details for a local band. He explains that he is not promoting a band, but is using it because the first contact number on the card is his. As a result man R is asked about the quality of his musicianship. He says that he is "Nothing special in the grand scheme of things, but much better than most people who play." Does this response demonstrate:
  • A Hubris
  • B Charming honesty
  • C Adiabatic expansion
  • D Drunkenness
4) Upon learning of R's musical talent, woman A says "Maybe we'll make beautiful music together." Would you assume that she was:
  • A Drunk
  • B A musician
  • C An idiot
  • D Flirting
  • E Taking the piss
5) After hearing the line "Maybe we'll make beautiful music together." man R says "Oh fuck off, you're not on 'Blind Date'". Would you assume that he was:
  • A Socially handicapped
  • B An idiot
  • C Taking the piss
  • D Youngs modulous
6) On a Friday night a man specifically asks a woman to telephone him on Sunday. Should she:
  • A Never contact him again
  • B Ring him on Sunday
  • C Text him on Sunday
  • D Email his band's website the next day
7) A man has been hosting a weekly dinner party for approximately 15 years. He cancels the dinner party with less than 8 hours notice in order to make a date. is this:
  • A A travesty
  • B Normal
  • C Shameful
  • D Charmingly impulsive
8) A woman arranges a first date at a pub within 1/2 a mile of her house. She expects her guest to make his own way to and from the date. Is this:
  • A Convenient
  • B Rude
  • C Normal
  • D Selfish
9) A woman arranges a date for 6.00pm on a Sunday. Her date arrives approximately 90s early. When does she arrive:
  • A She is already there
  • B 6:03
  • C 6:08
  • D She appologises by text at 6:05 and arrives at 6:21
10) A woman travels approximately 1/2 a mile to a date by car. Is she:
  • A Lazy
  • B Running late
  • C Avagadro's number
  • D Wearing 6" stilleto heals
11) How much perfume was woman A wearing when she arrived at her date?
  • A Enough
  • B Too much
  • C Far too much
  • D 3x10^8 l/m2
12) Man R first meets woman A approximately 4 pints into a heavy drinking binge. 2 days later he meets her sober but severely deprived of sleep. He was unable to remmember what woman A looked like. When she arrived was she in fact:
  • A Familiar, but rougher than he hoped
  • B Unrecognizable
  • C within acceptable limits
  • D Unbelievably beautiful
13) Man R habitually wears handmade leather boots. On his date with woman A it transpires that she is a shoe enthusiast. How does R's choice of shoes influence A's impression of him?
  • A He was wearing the wrong shoes
  • B She saw them as soon as she entered the pub and loved them
  • C No influence
  • D Majority carrier conduction
14) A woman announces on a first date that she's a vegetarian who eats fish and occasionally chicken, and that she never ever cooks.
i) In the short term is this:
  • A Charmingly ideosyncratic
  • B Fucking bizarre
  • C Isothermal compression
ii) In a relationship would this be:
  • A Charmingly ideosyncratic
  • B Fucking bizarre
  • C Intollerable
15) On a date a woman happily acknowledges that she is extremely beautiful, and that she gets a lot of attention from men. She tells her date that she only decided to meet him because he is musical. She also says that she will have to hear him play. Is this:
  • A Acceptable
  • B Rude
  • C Shallow
  • D Charmingly honest
16) Man R and woman A decide to eat at a pub and read the menu at the bar. Woman A orders their food while man R is visiting the toilet. She does not tell him that their food has been ordered until after is has been delivered to a table. Is this:
  • A Charmingly impulsive
  • B Efficient
  • C Taking charge
  • D Weird
17) After eating on a first date woman A reapplies her lipstick and perfume. How much perfume is she now wearing?
  • A Too much
  • B Far too much
  • C It was litterally dripping off her fucking throat
18) By the end of a date woman A has drunk 3 large glasses of wine. How does she get her car back home?
  • A Drives it
  • B Picks it up the following day
  • C She has her date drive it home, then shyly changes into flat shoes, and then walks with her date back to the pub so that he can drive her home a second time in his own car.
19) Why wouldn't woman A drive her own car home while drunk?
  • A It's illegal
  • B It's completely unacceptable
  • C Frightened of getting caught
  • D It's immoral
20) A woman is slightly older than a man, has a much more senior job, and is obviously very much wealthier than him. Is this:
  • A Irrelevant
  • B Advantageous to the man
  • C Advantageous to the woman
  • D Slightly galling
21) On a date in a pub, woman A is friendly with the bar manager who is responsible for booking entertainment. She gives the manager a promotional recording of her date's band. Will their date be accompanied by:
  • A Hubbub from a crowded bar
  • B Songs from the jukebox
  • C Brownian motion
  • D The promotional CD being played several times interspersed with random 60s soul songs
22) On a first date, physical contact should be limited to:
  • A Nil
  • B One brief kiss
  • C prolonged kissing and petting
  • D sex
23) On a first date, the man should not kiss the woman's neck:
  • A In any circumstances
  • B If she tells him to stop
  • C If his lips suffer chemical burns from all the perfume
  • D Raleigh scattering
24) On a first date the man should not remove the woman's blouse:
  • A In any circumstances
  • B Unless dictated by a medical emergency
  • C If she tells him to stop undressing her
25) Woman A would reject proposed follow-up dates with R because:
  • A Out of town with work
  • B Will be in Cuba
  • C Will be watching the Grand National
  • D Too tired
  • E All of these
26) By the end of a first date where the woman has drunk considerably more than the man the woman has spent at least an hour telling the man how intelligent and sucessful she is. She has also advised him on what car he should drive, how he should promote his band, how he should kiss her, and what excercise he should do. She also seems not to have stopped talking for 2 seconds together. Is this:
  • A A natural consequence of the different levels of drunkenness
  • B Her style of conversation
  • C Rude
  • D Irritating
27) Shortly after a date in a pub where the bar manager had been given a demo CD his band, a man receives a phone call from the bar manager. why?
  • A To book the band
  • B Garment left in pub
  • C The couple had left the pub without paying for their meal
28) Approximately what is the speed of sound in air at sea level?
  • A Chalk it up to experience and don't call her again
  • B 340m/s
  • C Organise another date where both people will be drinking
  • D Leave it up to her
29) After a first date, should the lingering impression be:
  • A Rejection
  • B Mild irritation (social)
  • C Mild irritation (chemical)
  • D Lust
  • E An odd combination of all of these.


  1. I would like to contest my answers to questions 11 and 13 as being incorrect.

    The volume of the perfume surrounding woman A depends on the volatility of the fluid, the atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature. Appropriate gas analysers could have been placed 3000m from woman A. Assuming the volume occupied by the perfume would decrease exponentially the further from the source, the total volume of the perfume fluid surrounding woman A could be calculated.
    Also, there is nothing in this question to imply that this meeting was conducted whilst surrounded by air at atmospheric pressure. It could have taken place with the couple suspended in the perfume at the centre of a vessel some 600 000 m in length, height and width or indeed in the sea where the said perfume was sea water. There is nothing to state that the meeting did not take place in a bar in sub aquatic lost city of Atlantis.

    There is only one published occurrence of man R ever wearing the correct or appropriate shoes for any occasion. (Reference 1 Chapter 2). Woman A ‘loving them’ is merely conjecture and hearsay and at this stage it cannot be taken as fact that the footwear choice made by man R was appropriate, correct or able to influence anyone’s impression of him in any other than a negative way.

    Reference 1
    Title—Port, Gout and Battered Squid—Memoirs of my Travels 2006
    Author—Mxxxxx Cxxxxxxx

  2. I'm sorry, but I still disagree with your answer to Q11. The si units for perfume application are litres (of liquid perfume) per square metre (of skin, or other substrate). As I said 300Ml/m2 produces a layer of liquid perfume 300km thick. The date took place in pub filled with a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour, gas-phase perfume, and carbon dioxide. Your difficulty with this question has been noted, and future versions of the question may be modified to addess the lack of infomation given.

    I absolutely swear to you that 3-April-2011 was the second time that I was wearing the right shoes.

    That book sounds great, I wish I'd got a copy. I actually had a bit of a giggling fit in the office when I read the title.

  3. Intrigued from Crownhill

    Was the 'prolonged kissing and petting' enjoyable with said copious amounts of perfume ?


    How far did one get with said state of undress before Bogs Darking crossed the line ?

  4. The kissing and petting was thoroughly enjoyable. The perfume did leave my lips stinging.

    The implication of 24-C should be clear. She told me to stop undressing her when I tried to remove her blouse.