Tuesday 28 March 2017


I apologise to those of you that this won't interest, but it is spring and time to get my late father's motor-mower running.
http://www.bolingblog.com/2012/02/eulogy.html (3rd paragraph)

I could tell you that it started first pull and I wouldn't quite be lying. Admittedly I'm counting the "first pull" as the first pull with the ignition on. It came after a complex de-winterization process which included lubricating everything, cleaning the plug, mixing up fresh fuel, flooding the float chamber twice, and about a dozen priming pulls to get fuel and lubrication into the engine.

The motor is low on power, the blades aren't razor sharp and the grass was up round my ankles so I stalled it many times, but it did cut my mum's grass.

Richard "my late father's mower was too tall for the shelf so it stood 40 years on the floor" B

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