Monday 23 August 2010

Best Thing I've Read In Ages

Giles Smith in his book "Lost In Music" is talking about Noddy Holder and Marc Bolan:

In those days it was either T. Rex or it was Slade. The whole history of pop seemed to have boiled down to this crucial axis. Actually history seemed to have boiled down to this crucial axis. The industrial unrest of the early 1970's? It was just background hum during the Slade vs. T. Rex chart wars or 1972/73. ..... After the Boy/Girl distinction Slade or T. Rex was the easiest way to divide the people I knew at school. Clearly much was encoded in this choice. Were you a team player, responding to the garrulous network that was Slade, or were you an individualist, smitten by Bolan's singularity? Did you like boys who looked like girls, or boys who looked like Victorian factory owners?

Richard "working musicians are under-paid" B

Monday 16 August 2010


What's the temperature in Motown?

3 degrees, maybe 4, tops.

Richard "guiro" B