Monday 24 January 2011

My "middle" name

Last week in my lottery email I signed myself as Richard "It was supposed to say 'The Kicks' above 'Puppet Show'" B. For those of you that didn't recognise the reference I was talking about a favourite scene in the film "This is Spinal Tap" - a mockumentory about Britain's loudest heavy metal band. When the band go to play a show at a fairground the puppet show gets higher billing than the band.

I went to "The Staddy" on Saturday night to hear the band and see what it was like as a venue as I'll be playing there this Saturday. On the main door there were 2 posters, one advertising my band, it said "The Kicks - retro indie and psychedelic rock". The other poster, above ours, said "Missing Cat - Charlie is a 13 year old black tom..."

Richard "Life imitating art imitating a documentary" B