Friday, 10 March 2017

Removable Caterham Luggage Rack

This is the luggage rack that I have built for my Caterham. It's made of aluminium and oak. Unlike the rack that you get from Caterham it can be removed from the car easily, and you don't have to drill through the bodywork to fit it.

I'm particularly proud of the retainer that holds the plug (to power the number plate illumination) because AMP connectors don't send people like me the specs and drawings so I worked out what was needed with feeler gauges and probes.

You can see the brackets and dowels that fit into the mounting bosses on the rear chassis tube. The brackets are bent up from steel angle, the dowel is the cut-down shank of an M8 bolt. You can also see that I had to use massive gussets and a capping piece on the main spar because I choose too light a gauge of box section.

The box section, angle and timber came from a local DIY shop. The rivets and gussets were from Screwfix. The only stuff I had to order was the number plate light, the connectors and cable, and the plate that supports the uprights.

If anybody wants the design or wants me to make another one, then leave a message in the comments.

Richard "Caterham Touring Parts Supply" B


  1. Nice job.
    Would like the plans if possible.

  2. Baldric. I'd be delighted to send you plans. How should I contact you?

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