Tuesday 10 June 2014

Computer Programming

My day job is writing computer programs in a long-dead scripting language called ColdFusion, the syntax is called CFML. In a ColdFusion application there is a configuration file written in CFML. The Application that I work on is large and complex and contains an element of automatic configuration at installation. There is a module, written in CFML, that produces the CFML configuration file - this is a program generating a program. A couple of weeks ago I needed to make such wholesale changes to this module that I wrote a quick script to do it for me. Of course I wrote it in CFML. I wrote a CFML program to generate a CFML program whose job is generating a CFML program. It's as far down the rabbit hole of generated code as I've ever been, escaping the quotes and hashes wasn't straightforward.

Richard "Turing wouldn't have approved" B

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  1. "Why, oh why didn't I take the blue pill?"