Tuesday 24 June 2014

A Rose by Any Other Name

What's the most rock-n-roll name in the English language?

Is it a name dripping with rebellion? A name that says "Madam, your daughter isn't safe with me"? A name that says to society "I'm going to burn everything you hold dear"? No. It's Keith. The nominative equivalent of a yawn. A name so boring that it would embarrass a bank manager. A name surpassed in banality only by Kevin.

To make it as a rock star called Keith you'd have to have enough attitude and machismo to firstly counteract your own name, and then more left over for little things like stage presence and public profile.

I give you Keith Moon, Keith Richards, and Keith Flint. Wonderful musicians all. A man who defined the state of the art in both drumming aggression and vandalism, a man who has no right to have survived his own lifestyle, and a man who quite frankly still frightens me.

Richard "middle name" B

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