Monday 14 December 2020

Visor Down

A few events from the past lead inexorably to me looking like a bit of a fool at the weekend.

We'll take the introduction of domesticated horses to Europe as read.

Horses allowed us to develop heavier armour and weapons, so we got plate armour and lances for knights on horseback.

In the 50s one of the specifications for the Honda Cub (scooter) was that it could be operated one handed so that the noodle shop delivery driver could carry food while he rode it. It ended up with an automatic clutch and the rear brake under the right foot.

In the 80s you have my brother's cautionary story about carrying a long object crosswise on a motorbike (Ford Capri halfshaft, Kawasaki Z1000) and nearly being dashed into the road with a broken pelvis.

At the start of this year I bought a modern Honda Supercub.

A few weeks ago my sister helped me with some housework. My not owning a feather duster on a long stick lead to some criticism and an abortive attempt to hoover the ceiling.

I'm sure you can all see where this is going: On Saturday I became the crappiest parody of a steampunk knight as I brought my new duster back from the shops. I was on my scooter, one end of a long duster was tucked into my armpit, the other sticking out forwards over the handlebars. No I didn’t manage to stick any discarded cans or litter, but I was sorely tempted to try.

Richard "Black Knight" B

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