Monday 7 December 2020


 My character is such that I will often rashly develop a lifelong habit. For example I always put glasses away upside down. This is because I once had a glass of wine ruined when I pulled out a wineglass which had accumulated a layer of dust in the bowl. I also always keep the petrol receipt so I can make doubly sure that I put the right fuel in the vehicle.

From now on beer bottles have to go into the fridge top first. It's quite amazing but the crown cork on a horizontal beer bottle can make a ratchet. The fridge door has shelves and each shelf has a little fence to stop things from falling off. I don't know how many times it happened, but the fence on the top shelf of the door (The "cheese and envelopes" shelf if you've seen the symbols on my friend's fridge) engaged with the rim of the crown cork on a beer bottle and pulled the bottle outwards a little way when I opened the door. On Sunday I opened the fridge and a bottle of beer leapt out at me - seemingly of its own volition.

I caught the bottle and took it as a sign that the universe wanted me to have beer rather than tea.

I think the envelope is supposed to be a wrapped block of butter.

Richard "pawl" B

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