Tuesday 13 June 2017


I thought that this blog was only read by my colleagues, family and close friends. This time last year I wrote about my experience running sound at a small festival. I was wildly disparaging and insulting about some of the musicians and the organisation. It was interesting to learn that the article was actually widely read and I upset a good number of people. Better yet I must be so competent or so cheap that they hired me again this year nonetheless. It was politely suggested to me that this year I be more circumspect in my review... It was great!

I normally write about boring little things that have happened to me, but I want to tell you about a boring little adventure that I'm about to have. I'm a great fan of the Renault 4.  Many months ago I saw somebody restoring one and barged into his garage, introduced myself and helped him a little, I also lent him the workshop manuals for it. Tonight he's bringing the fully restored car to my house so that we can go out for a drive. I can't wait.

Richard "How to win friends and influence people" B

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