Wednesday 8 February 2017


I have never been tarred-and-feathered, but I did something remarkable similar to my own hands at the weekend.

I have decided to build a luggage rack for my Caterham and it involves several techniques in which I'm unskilled or unfamiliar: Measuring accurately, using tinsnips and keeping both halves, brazing mild steel, buying good quality taps and many more.

On Sunday I planed down some square plugs out of oak (I actually know how to do that and made a pretty accurate job of it). I then tried to laminate some aluminium parts using polyurethane mastic (it turned out to be messy, inaccurate and hard to clamp).

I've never been tarred-and-feathered but I have now been Sikaflex-and-woodshavings'ed.

Richard "Brush off the bench occasionally" B

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