Tuesday 14 February 2017


My coat has buttons. My last coat had buttons and my coat before last had buttons. My coat before my coat before last had a zip – never again. It was slim fitting, black, lightly quilted, quite stylish. I wore it (among many other places) to Barnet where we watched a football match in the bleak midwinter. I was wrapped up in scarves, gloves, jumpers, shirt, probably a  vest. The zip on my coat failed when it was done up all the way to my throat and it was un-undoable. My good friends did help me out of my coat before we got in the car to come home but (because of the large number of clothes) it required a large amount of physical force. Nobody is tall enough to pull a coat up over your head so the procedure eventually involved my being dragged around the car park by my cuffs until the coat was free of me.

Richard "YKK" B

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