Tuesday 1 November 2016

Road Safety

Homer Simpson has a theory that the human brain can only hold so many facts and that each new one pushes out an old one. He gives the example of taking a home wine-making class and forgetting how to drive. Something very similar happened to me when I learned how to make tiramisu.

Years ago I went to a cookery class on an adult education scheme. It turned out to be nearly impossible to take all the ingredients, utensils, containers, apron, etc. to and from the class by motorcycle so I used to borrow my mum's car. One of the ingredients of the tiramisu was a mixture of cold black coffee and brandy (it should have been marsala wine but I couldn't find any). I didn't get the quantities right and had about ½ a pint of this mixture left over when I was clearing up. It seemed a waste to put it down the sink so, without thinking, I put it down my throat instead.

By the time I finished washing up I must have been half cut, but I didn't realise it. On the way home I ran my mum's car into the kerb so hard that I destroyed the tyre and had to get the tracking fixed.

Richard "think before you wash-up before you drive" B

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