Tuesday 22 March 2016

Where did you last see it?

I'm not as bad as Fast Eddie, but I can be quite absent minded. This weekend, as well as nearly setting the house on fire by putting an empty steamer on the stove, I accidentally left my vacuum cleaner at someone else's house.

Neither of those is as bad as the time that I misplaced my car. I went to my garage one day and it wasn't there. It didn't seem likely that it had been stolen because the garage was still closed and locked. I have learned that when you lose something, rather than going round in circles looking for it, the best course of action is to sit down and think carefully about where you last saw it. It turned out that a week or so previously I had driven my car to the supermarket, left it in the car park and walked home with my shopping. The car was still there waiting for me when I walked back.

Richard "not paying attention" B

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