Tuesday 7 January 2014

TV Series

In 2013 I have been very taken with "Breaking Bad". For Christmas I was given an equally wonderful tv series on dvd. It's almost as compelling and even more off-beat. It's set in a faded variety theatre and ballroom, the two main storylines are about the nepotism and corruption of trying to keep the theatre in business, and a tempestuous borderline-abusive on-off relationship between the general manager and one of the chorus girls. There are also rivalries between the resident artists and musicians. There are loads of fantastic musical turns, and touring acts that visit the theatre. It can be quite confusing because some of the plot is shown through the eyes of the paying audience while some is shot backstage and some is shot from the stage.

It's sensational, inspirational, celebrational. It's called The Muppet Show!

Richard "single yet again" B

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