Tuesday 14 January 2014


They say that the devil has got all the best tunes. It might be true, but I'm pretty sure God has got the best musicians. I spent all day on Saturday helping to organise a concert in St. Andrews church and the quality of the musicianship was mindblowing. I accidentally confused the place with a rock venue, and failed to curb my swearing and dirty jokes. One of my friends had to have a quiet word with me about it after I'd used the 'c' word within spitting distance of the altar.

There was a slightly humiliating turn, moments before the show, when the pianist asked me to turn pages for him, and I had to admit to him that I couldn't read.

The last song of the evening was very impressive. They played the end of it as an anti-climax getting slower and quieter until there was just nothing left. I was impressed and I whispered to my friend "That was pretty good wasn't it?" She had been so moved that she was crying a little bit.

Richard "understatement" B

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