Tuesday 9 October 2012

Drum Fill

As well as playing all the right notes (I couldn't even do that much at the weekend) at the right times and the right volume, a really skilled musician can put emotion into the noise that their instrument makes. I didn't realise it at the time, but last week I think I heard the best bit of drum playing that I have ever, or will ever hear. The band I play in has recently taken on a new and enormously skilled drummer. I had a very minor disagreement with him about when a particular drum fill is played in a song called "Feeling Good". To make matters worse I was right, and I texted him the next day before dawn to tell him so. At the next rehearsal we played the song and he played the drum fill where I thought it should have been. He played it correctly and accurately, but also very sarcastically. We both agreed that we could really hear the sarcasm. There are lots of directions that you see on musical scores like "con amore" and "con fuoco", but neither of us have heard of "con sarcasmo".

Richard "not eating my hat" B

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