Wednesday 31 October 2012

Always Read the Question

I won a medal at the weekend. It was for the third round in a four round pub quiz in which I did very badly. The pub quiz wasn't public, it had been written specially to celebrate my oldest and closest friend's 40th birthday and I did spectacularly badly in the 80's TV and 80's/90's music rounds. I certainly didn't remember the Blue Moon Detective Agency, nor pilot Stringfellow Hawke, nor the planet Thundera. Neither did I know the first band on MTV unplugged, or whose live album was called Under a Blood Red Sky. Perversely I was excluded from the fourth round about golden era Neighbours. The third round of the quiz was questions about the birthday celebrant, and while I expected to do well I didn't expect to win. Question 4 was a complicated two part question "Where and Why did Redacted buy Bermuda shorts from a roadside shorts-vendor?". The man who's birthday it was drunkenly forgot to answer the second part of the question and I beat him in a quiz about himself. The best question of the round was "What was the correct name of the game that Redacted and Richard used to play as children which was misunderheard as "Mind the Farlornes"?

Richard "Mindless Violence" B

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