Wednesday 25 January 2012

Bump Start

Nothing that I thought was funny happened this weekend, but I suspect that several hundred shoppers feel differently. On Sunday I stopped at Morrison's in Plymstock to buy a couple of things. When I got back to my bike the starter motor wouldn't run. There simply isn't a downhill from there. It's literally (and littorally) astride Pomphlet Creek, so it's at sea-level. I had to push the bike faster and faster across the car park until I was running, then leap onto it, then get it into 2nd (don't ask), and then let the clutch out with a bang. As if that procedure isn't difficult enough:

  • I was wearing big cumbersome boots, warm jacket, and thick gloves.
  • The car park was full and busy.
  • I had to avoid trolleys, cars, dithering old folk, and babies in pushchairs.
  • The car park is slightly corrugated, so there are several areas which are gently uphill.
I did get home, but I had built up a good sweat and a noble thirst before I did so.

Richard "No Kick Start" B

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