Monday 15 August 2011


I did various things this weekend, some more masculine than others.

  • Fell off a motorbike, picked it up, and carried on;
  • Used a pocket knife, the blade of which I had made, hardened, tempered, and ground at home;
  • Approached a stranger at a party and had her make me a cigarette;
  • Carried nearly 200kg of audio equipment into a van by myself;
  • Performed in a rock band.

Less manly
  • Cooked a crumble;
  • Slipped off a small commuter motorbike at less than walking pace on a wet manhole cover;
  • Didn't have strong enough finger nails to pull a drawing pin out of plasterboard and needed to use a knife;
  • Gleefully accepted the offer of a menthol filter tip on my cigarette;
  • Put all the audio equipment in the van early to make space to hoover the carpet where it had been.

Richard "Rowley Birkin QC came to the wrong pub and failed to meet me" B