Tuesday 2 August 2011


I've been on holiday for a week, amongst other things I saw:
  • My sister
  • 7 consecutive sunny days
  • dozens of dragon flies
  • London Boris-Bikes
  • a young couple on a romantic Saturday afternoon boriscycle
  • a kingfisher
  • all my Surrey friends
  • a barber
  • 450 miles of A and M roads
  • my old London friends
  • Henry IV Part 1
  • nowhere to buy a pair of shoes that I liked
  • a public roof-top garden with real grass
  • a squirrel's dray and a young squirrel opening a pine cone
  • a man who is so used to soft-close cupboards and drawers that he compulsively slams everything
  • a swan washing and preening meticulously
  • a toilet with a soft-close seat so glacially slow that if you wished to reconfigure it from standing to seated usage there would be time to make a cup of tea between
  • three common lizards (which despite their name are vanishingly rare)
  • the Royal Festival Hall in a new light.

Richard "Big Chief I Spy" B