Monday 13 December 2010

12 year dry spell

In the late 90s an article by Chris Morris (I think) mentioned the only 2 acceptable names for tribute bands: "The Pretend Pretenders" and "Sham Sham 69". Within a few weeks my friends and I had also come up with "The Mock Mock Turtles", and since then we haven't been able to think of another one. In fact I cross-referenced a thesaurus with a Guinness book of British Hit Singles and convinced myself that there wasn't another one. This weekend, to my amazement and deligh, my friend Keith came up with "The Vanessa Paradis Parody". I urge you not to spend the next ten or fifteen years trying to think of names of bands that contain synonyms for counterfeit.

OK very well done. "The Charlatan Charlatans"

Richard "Never drinking again" B