Monday 8 August 2022


 I have recently been shamed by a laundry aid. I own a thing that I call a “socktopus” although I think its real name is an Ikea Pressa. It’s a plastic body with eight legs. The whole thing will dangle from the washing line, and each of the eight legs has two captive clothes pegs on it. I use it to dry socks. I have two feet and I change my socks daily, so if I do my laundry weekly then there are two unused pegs on the socktopus. That extra leg gives me one day of leeway in my laundry schedule. If it takes me more than eight days to get round to doing it, then the socktopus is full. Hanging a few socks on the line with individual wooden pegs feels like a punishment, and I can see the disapproval in the cartoonish painted eyes of the socktopus.

Richard “slovenly” B

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