Wednesday 17 May 2017

Stop the Car!

This weekend I went to Castle Combe in my kit car with my brother. It was raining heavily, there was standing water on the track, and the car was wearing semi-slick tyres. The morning was like the most ludicrously extreme and dangerous trust-building exercise. On two occasions my brother seemed to be driving us earnestly and fast towards a bale of tyres (at Bobbies chicane).

I lost control of the Vehicle so severely (at Tower) that by brother was bracing himself for the crash. He hurriedly grabbed the sill and the dashboard and in the process he turned the indicators on and the wipers off. I just about rescued the car and didn't quite hit anything.

He was even more frightened when we went to the motorsport shop and bought a complete set of brake pads.


Richard "Mintex M1144" B

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