Wednesday 2 December 2015


file under: engineering boasting

When I was little, and my parents would read to me from picture books, I was always amused by a badly organised anthropomorphic bear who never mended his roof. When it was sunny the roof didn't need mending, when it was raining it was too wet to mend. This year I nearly became that bear.

I run my motorbike all through winter, and I try to preserve it as best I can by cleaning it and daubing the suspension and running gear with anti corrosion formula. The weather has been mild and they haven't been using salt on the roads, so I never winterised the bike. Unfortunately winter beat me to the punch this year and it was too wet and windy to properly clean the bike this weekend. I also accidentally pushed the bike off its stand and did more damage to my garage shelving, my leg, and the bike's windscreen mount that I could ever hope to prevent with some expensive pink jollop.

Richard "Scarry" B

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