Tuesday 18 August 2015

You're Fired

file under: Musical boasting

I'm not expecting that much sympathy from my readers, but this weekend I discovered the most hideously annoying situation. To feel my pain you'd have to be exactly the same combination of busy lazy comfortable OCD luddite that I am.

My CDs are kept, as God intended, in alphabetical order by band/artist. The order is simplicity itself: the word "The" is ignored from the beginning of band names. If I recognise the artist name as a first name and surname, then it is sorted by surname so "Patti Smith" is under "SM". Word boundaries come before "A" so "Red Hot Chilli Peppers" comes before "Redding". Soundtracks, compilations and mashups with no clear band/artist are in an imaginary letter after "Z". Within a band/artist they are sorted by my best (uninformed) guess of chronological order.

I don't own any CDs where both the composer and the orchestra are pertinent. I don't own any CDs by "The The" and I don't own any CDs by that band whose name was just a squiggle.

On Saturday night I discovered that my cleaner has been putting CDs away in the wrong place. I don't just mean "Physical Graffiti" before "Four", I mean any-fucking-where at all she can find a fucking space. The bitch! It took me a very long time to find the album that I was looking for, and I spent over an hour putting it right on Sunday.

Richard "Furious" B

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  1. Join the 21st century and get an I-pod, or even better a phone that does that for you

    Or if that's too modern, download your CDs onto a PC and then throw them all away like everyone else did in about 1998

    Doug (more people know what vinyl is than CDs) B.