Tuesday 30 September 2014

Meat Free

Dear Sir Paul McCartney,

I read with interest your campaign for Meat Free Mondays. The goals as I understand them are to reduce the pollution and the energy and land usage associated with meat production while not forcing people to give up meat. I fully support these goals. You may be a quite wonderful bass player, and have been pivotal in perhaps the most important rock band ever, this doesn't detract however from the sad fact that you're a fucking idiot. If there's one day of the week that the meat eaters of the world are going to cook a joint of meat or a whole fowl it's Sunday. If we are serious about making efficient use of the meat which is already produced, then Monday is the day when we SHOULD be eating meat – leftovers from our Sunday roast in sandwiches, stews, pies, soups and stir-frys. Perhaps too many years of vegetarianism and wealth have left you out of touch with the kitchens and dining tables of the real world, perhaps you just value alliteration more highly than practicality. Either way it is clear to me that you have picked the wrong day of the week.

Yours faithfully,

Richard "roast beef sandwich" B

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  1. Not to mention the fact that the catholic world already have a meat free day assigned. Obviously it shout be Free-of-meat Friday to preserve the required alliteration