Tuesday 23 September 2014


This weekend I found the minutes from a fake awards ceremony. The ceremony was held when the band I played in went out for a Christmas meal and drinks, and drunken karaoke in 2010.

The Award for Outstanding Commitment

  • Rxx for making the wedding show happen.
  • Jaxxx for never being poorly since his operation.
  • Juxxx for doing The Cherry Tree with a cold and sore throat.
  • Paxxx for forsaking Oasis tickets to play the fucking Wheelers
  • Paxxx for jeopardising  his marriage to play the Thistle – making it three gigs in three weeks.

The Award for Moodiest Bastard

  • Baxxx for not coming tonight.
  • Pixxx at The Underground when the lights were in our eyes.

  • Paxxx for the whole day of the wedding at Borringdon.

The Award for Filthiest Mouth

  • Paxxx’s reply to the text about being double booked at The Underground.
  • Rxx when he missed the descending run at the end of The Chain.

  • Juxxx saying 'have you got a little bit of thrush?' to  a wedding guest when she shouted for 'Sex on Fire'.

Richard "Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence" B

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